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Version 2.3 beta 3 is the last version before people had to start paying for it.

Since then, Launcher III has been discontinued and replaced by Launcher X. It features all standard math functions, 10 memories and braces up to a depth of 25.

A scare tactic used by the tribesmen to discipline their wives would be to hire a friend to dress up and act like the magical priest.

Mobile web browsers differ greatly in terms of features offered an operating systems supported.

The best can display most websites and offer page zoom and keyboard shortcuts, while others can only display websites optimizes for mobile devices.

The official site is down, so a local copy is available.

You can just tap on the menu bar on the top of the screen instead of finding the silkscreened menu button near the graffiti area.

Part of the Eudora Internet Suite, this text-only web browser is fast and supports SSL (if you install the included SSL library).

Versions on the official web site are shareware only – this is the only freeware version and it is only for non-commercial use.

Shared library that makes IEEE-754 double-precision math functions available to developers.

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