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trilogy to tell one epic story involving two time periods.

Michael Fassbender, James Mc Avoy, Ian Mc Kellen, Patrick Stewart, Nicholas Hoult, Halle Berry, and many others also star in the film as well.

The cast will come together on screen in X-Men Days of Future Past, but the Comic-Con outing marked the first time many fans had seen the younger castmembers come face to face with their older counterparts.

During a panel discussion, gay star Mc Kellen referenced California's recent law-change over same-sex marriage and jokingly propositioned Fassbender, who plays a younger version of the veteran star's character, Magneto, saying, "I feel safe here now that you got rid of Proposition 8...

According to the Current Biography Yearbook, Berry "...pursued a modeling career in Chicago....

Berry's first weeks in New York were less than auspicious: She slept in a homeless shelter and then in a YMCA".

", "On Parole", "Valjean's Soliloquy", "At the End of the Day", "The Sewers", "The Runaway Cart", "Fantine's Arrest", "Who Am I?

", "Bring Him Home", "Come to Me", "The Confrontation", "Epilogue", "Suddenly", "The Robbery/Javert's Intervention", "Attack on the Rue Plumet", "One Day More!

She portrayed Sandra Beecher in Race the Sun (1996), which was based on a true story, shot in Australia, and co-starred alongside Kurt Russell in Executive Decision.

The event marked Berry's return to the spotlight since marrying actor Olivier Martinez in France earlier this month (Jul13), while it also reunited former lovers Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, who began dating after meeting on the set of X-Men First Class, but split late last year (12).

Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, and Peter Dinklage were also in attendance along with director Bryan Singer.

If you’re talking big-time Hollywood artist s, then you have to include Halle Berry in the conversation.

She is a talented thespian that has millions of fans around the world.. When Halle Berry’s ex and, um, Y met last November, more was given out than thanks!

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